Exploring the Historic Toll Roads and Bridges of Loudoun County

Loudoun County, Virginia is home to a rich history of toll roads and bridges that have had a significant impact on its past. From the first toll road in the United States to the Broad Run bridge and toll booth, this county has seen its fair share of transportation milestones. In this article, we'll explore the history of these roads and bridges, and how they've shaped Loudoun County's past.

The First Toll Road in the United States

In late 1786, the first law authorizing a toll road in the United States was registered.

This road ran from Alexandria in the northwest to the Shenandoah Mountains and was replaced, in part, by Virginia 7.If you look closely while driving on this highway, you can still see remnants of the original toll road. The Loudoun Valley Civil War saw many prominent figures, such as Stuart, Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton, and John Mosby with his Rangers. In 1809, similar chartering was allocated for the route north east of Leesburg to the Leesburg Turnpike. Then in 1810, the toll road company Snicker's Gap obtained freight for the road from Aldie to the northwest through Snickers Gap and beyond to the Shenandoah River at Snicker's Ferry.

The Broad Run Bridge and Toll Booth

The Broad Run bridge and toll booth were built for the Leesburg Turnpike Company in Loudoun County, Virginia.

This bridge was difficult to locate since there were no roads leading to it. GPS units would not be concentrated on site. However, it can be seen driving east on Virginia 7 and looking fixedly to the right when the road crosses Broad Run. The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors purchased the toll booth with the intention of restoring it as a way to preserve a piece of Loudoun County's history.

Interactive Google Map

If you're interested in exploring Loudoun County's toll roads and bridges further, you can use an interactive Google map.

This map shows all of Virginia's toll facilities and has buttons that allow you to filter based on your selection. Loudoun County has a long history of toll roads and bridges that have shaped its past. With an interactive Google map showing all of Virginia's toll facilities, it's easy to explore these historic sites.

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