Exploring Public Transportation Options in Loudoun County

Are you in search of reliable public transportation options in Loudoun County? Look no further! Loudoun County Transit provides local fixed-route bus service on weekdays and limited Saturdays from Purcellville through Leesburg and eastern Loudoun County. To make your journey easier, you can download the Transit app for free on Google Play or the Apple Store. This app will provide you with public transportation notifications, vehicle locations, and real-time trip planning. Loudoun County also offers several bus services accessible from the ADA for people with disabilities, including fixed-route local bus, paratransit, and on-demand bus services.

These Silver Line routes provide Monday through Friday service to and from 156 convenient local stops throughout the county, including Loudoun County Park and Ride Lots. In addition to local bus service, Loudoun County Transit also operates a commuter bus service (morning and late afternoon rush hour service) from the Loudoun Park and Ride lots to Rosslyn, Crystal City, the Pentagon and Washington D. C. Furthermore, there is a rush-hour subway connection service from park and amusement parking lots in Loudoun to Wiehle-Reston East and West Falls Church subway stations in the morning and back to Loudoun in the afternoon.

Finally, Loudoun County Transit offers 21 local Silver Line bus routes that connect to Ashburn and Loudoun Gateway stations on the Silver Line, in Loudoun County, and to the Innovation Center and Reston Town Center stations, in Fairfax County. So if you're looking for reliable public transportation options in Loudoun County, you now know where to look! With all these options available, you can easily find a way to get around the county.

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